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Where can I get more information on TeleReach Corporate?

How do I apply for a job at Telereach?

Do you hire people who live outside of Houston?

What does an appointment setting call typically sound like?

Are your Producers like the rude people that call me at home?

Is this a real job?

What are the hours?

How do I know this isn't one of those work from home scams?

This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

How much can I earn?

Do I have to call out of the Yellow Pages or are lists provided to me?

Are there meetings and how frequent are the meetings?

How do you know that I'm not watching Oprah?

Can I bring my kids to the interview or training meetings?

Is there an investment required?

Am I an employee or an independent contractor?

Do I need any experience?

Is my schedule flexible?

Is there training?

When can I start?

Is there a ramp up time?

What products or services will I be calling people about?

Can I choose the programs I want to work on?

What should I wear to meetings?

Do I call long distance from my home? Do I pay the long distance charges?

How many appointments do I need to set in a day?

View Pre-Employment Presentation

This web site is intended to provide you with information in order to help you evaluate whether employment with TeleReach is right for you. Further information, including details about our pay system, is provided in our Pre-Employment Presentation. We invite you to fill out the online mini application to get started. When you submit your registration you will receive an immediate email response with login instructions to view the Presentation. Completing the mini application in the Apply for a Job section is not a request for an interview and does not commit you to an interview. If after viewing the Pre-Employment Presentation you would like to request a one on one interview, submit the four documents in accordance with the instructions at the end of the presentation.

If the opportunity to commute to work in 10 seconds, wear your bunny slippers to work and save money on lunches and the cost of commuting sounds good to you, then click on Apply for a Job now!

Thank you for your interest in TeleReach.

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